1.3. Downloading and Reading Options

Most readers will want to download the C# examples in ZIP format. More experienced readers (with previous background) may prefer using GitHub. ()

Example Source Code and Videos
Description URL
C# Examples (as ZIP) https://github.com/LoyolaChicagoBooks/introcs-csharp-examples/archive/master.zip
Videos https://luc.box.com/CSharpVideos

We offer the book in HTML, PDF, and EPUB formats. Kindle users should use EPUB, which can be converted to MOBI format. (We plan to offer it soon through our main site.)

Alternate Book Formats
Format URL
Web Site http://books.cs.luc.edu/introcs-csharp/
Web Site (offline ZIP) http://books.cs.luc.edu/introcs-csharp/download/html.zip
PDF (US Letter) http://books.cs.luc.edu/introcs-csharp/download/comp170.pdf
PDF (7x9 Book) http://books.cs.luc.edu/introcs-csharp/download/comp170book.pdf
EPUB (Experimental) http://books.cs.luc.edu/introcs-csharp/download/comp170.epub


The following is for developers only!

The book source code and examples are all maintained on GitHub. We welcome pull requests and will acknowledge any helpful and constructive contributions.

Description URL
C# Examples https://github.com/LoyolaChicagoBooks/introcs-csharp-examples
Book Source https://github.com/LoyolaChicagoBooks/introcs-csharp