18.12. AcknowledgmentsΒΆ

  • The Sphinx team at http://sphinx.pocoo.org for creating such an awesome documentation tool.
  • The Bitbucket team at http://bitbucket.org for giving us a great place to collaborate. We are now moving to GitHub at http://github.com but still think very highly of the Bitbucket team, especially for students and faculty who need to do private projects. (We still use both.)
  • Jeremy Chalmer at http://jchalmer.com/ for his past work to get a nice Twitter Bootstrap theme working with Sphinx. We’re now using the Sphinx Bootstrap Theme project at http://loose-bits.com/2013/04/10/sphinx-bootstrap-theme-bootswatch.html but are indebted to Jeremy for inspiring us to take Bootstrap seriously.
  • Speaking of Sphinx Bootstrap Theme, I wish to thank the two developers (Ryan Roemer and Russell Sim) for adding support for some missing features, especially to support shorter navigation links, links to key pages (e.g. genindex). Their tireless dedication and friendly attitude are what makes free/open source software so awesome!